• Jed Chambers

Branding JASPER

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Professional, Personable, and Preservation.

Building A Future is more than just a good tagline we found online somewhere. Building A Future is what Jasmine and I have been doing since we met. Today, we have a strong partnership, 4 incredible kids, an incredible network or friends and family, and now JASPER.

Our mutual desire is for JASPER to become a beacon for personal development, education, and innovation. We want to build a team of great thinkers, strong workers, skilled

trades people, and world beaters! We envision JASPER as a place where people will enjoy spending their time, be given the forum to express themselves, earn the resources to change their on lives, and have some fun. I guess we're all just building our futures and now we can do it together.

We've worked with so many brilliant, passionate, and talented people who have helped us reach this point in our lives. Don't be surprised if you see us pop up on your caller ID. When that happens, please take our call.

What will JASPER become? We're not 100% sure. We will always want to build great things. We love to express our creativity. We love working with people. Our hope is that JASPER, becomes known for making a positive impact on our city, state, and country. That would be a great start!

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