• Jed Chambers

Casting JASPER

As we move closer to launching this company, I can't help but to think about people like Gregg and our time together in Honduras. What an experience. Gregg slowed down and took the time to teach me by showing me the traditional techniques of quality centric construction. You could call Gregg's approach to building a philosophy, an ideology, even an obsession. Maybe he thought of it as a sport, and he was the veteran QB teaching the rookie how to stay in the league. Whatever it was, I was soaking it up.

As we begin to recruit, hire, and train our team at JASPER, I'm going to think of it as "casting". We only want people who understand that they may not be the best but they're on their way to being better. We're looking for people who work well within a team. People who train hard, play hard, enjoy the game, celebrate when they win, and learn from their losses. Most importantly, we're looking for people who will slow down, show us, and teach us what they have learned from the Gregg's in their lives.

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